Our Story

Professional videography since 1988.

Gerry Carew the man behind The NL Video Man became interested in video after seeing his father on old 8mm video shot in the late 60’s and 70’s. Gerry’s dad passed away in 1980 from cancer and he found some old 8mm videos in a closet at his mom’s house. He got the 8mm film copied off onto VHS and for the first time in 8 years there his dad was on the TV preserved for all time.

Gerry’s dad in his early 20’s.

It was an incredibly moving experience and Gerry immediately thought how important capturing family memories was especially with the new technology with audio and video. He proceeded to buy a VHS camera within weeks of seeing the old 8mm footage and taped everything he could. His little hobby came to the attention of people outside the family and requests to record and preserve other families events followed. The technology certainly has advanced and the capability to record just about anything is in the hands of everyone. When it comes to getting the best footage and clearest sound professionally edited count on us to get the job done.Specializing in corporate events, seminars, speeches, photo montages set to music and just about anything you would want recorded for viewing at a later date. With over three decades experience you can count on The Newfoundland Video Man to get the job done right.


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