WATCH! Top Speed on a Mountain Bike riding down Signal Hill

How fast do you think I went on my mountain bike riding down Signal Hill and at what point on the hill do you think I reached my top speed? Watch the video to find out and it might surprise you. An embedded video of a traditional speedometer lets you see the speed in real time.

GPS Speed Tracker App embedded in the video to show the speed.

For the technology geeks keep reading and I will explain how I recorded this. Notice in the picture the speed limit is 20 km/hr. I assure you I exceeded that on my mountain bike even into a 30-50km/hr wind.

The video was recorded on a MEVO shown below that I secured to the front of a small knapsack. There are mounts out there that you can buy to secure cameras but I was improvising on a whim.

The ride took place at 2:44pm and as the screen shot of the forecast taken just after the ride shows below the wind was gusting up to 50km/hr. I can confirm the forecast was correct with a pretty steady wind with gusts blowing right into my face as I rode down the hill. I look forward to doing this on another day when there is no wind.

To record the speed I downloaded the Speed Tracker app on my iPhone and then just as I was ready to go down the hill I started iPhone screen recording. Frankly I wasn’t sure how all this would work as it was my first try and I didn’t want to have to come back up the hill for a second run.

I also had an iPad with me that was connected to the MEVO as I wasn’t sure I could record the speed on my iPhone and connect and record the MEVO at the same time.

When I got home I airdropped the ride video and the speed screen recording to Final Cut Pro.

I did straight forward editing that I will save for another post later with the exception to mention I used transform and crop on the speed video to place it in the centre of the video.

If you have any questions leave a reply in the comment section below. If you have suggestions for any other videos in and around St. John’s comment below.

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