Conversations with people succeeding at the force of a gale: Gale Force Wins Podcast

Two friends Allan Dale and Gerry Carew who grew up in St. John’s but have been separated by Canada’s geography for 3 decades came together virtually during the pandemic to chat about like minded interests. Allan lives in PEI and Gerry in St. John’s. Thriving in remoteness has been a common theme for both of us during these conversations. Gale Force Wins the podcast is the result. We are talking with our first guest this weekend and we will let you know when that chat will be posted to our site. We are still working out the details but it looks like a new episode will be posted here every Wednesday. In the meantime take some time to watch our chat introducing ourselves and what we hope to accomplish. Please leave a comment in the Leave a reply section below. Make a suggestion for a topic or guest we welcome your feedback.

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  1. Adam C says:

    Looking forward to seeing where you guys are headed!

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