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Allan Dale

Owner at Allan A. Dale Bespoke Consultancy Services

“I started my own consulting business two weeks before the COVID19 global lockdown. My business would normally involve plenty of international travel but I immediately had to pivot to an online presence. I had one consultation with Gerry and he quickly guided me a much more professional look. I took every piece of his advice, invested a small amount into lighting, sound, and video and now I am always and I mean always the most professional looking person on my business calls. Thank you Gerry; your advice has allowed me to grow my business in the midst of the largest global economic meltdown..”

Bev Moore-Davis

I am the founder of a charitable organization and began working with Gerry in 2013. We have worked together on several projects, including producing several child abuse prevention videos. Gerry is incredibly patient and knowledgeable, while being respectful to the sensitive issues surrounding our work. He is customer focused while being punctual to my deadlines and bringing a high level of professionalism to the table. Gerry is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to collaborating with him on the next project.

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