WATCH! Why we live, work and do business in Atlantic Canada.

Living and working in Atlantic Canada is not always easy but the pandemic certainly has highlighted one of the reasons we stay here. Despite the recent surge in cases and the bursting of the Atlantic bubble it has been comforting to know a large east coast swath of this beautiful country we call home has been able to contain the spread. Fingers crossed we get this most recent blip under control.

Allan Dale a St. John’s native who now resides in PEI and Gerry Carew who lives in east end St. John’s discuss the benefits of living in Atlantic Canada in this energetic 11 minute Zoom conversation. Allan is self employed running his own consultancy service with clients all over the globe. Allan spent three decades serving in the Canadian navy in many leadership roles and travelled the world several times over. Check out his website to learn more:

Allan and I are driven to learn the motivators that drive everyday people to succeed in business, politics and life in general. Conversations that inspire and lead to action are the idea behind a new podcast we have named  “Gale Force Wins”.

Please take some time to listen to our first foray into what we hope will become a long lasting conversation and stimulus for more people to take action. We welcome your feedback in the space at the bottom of this page under “Leave a Reply”. 

A Gale is a strong wind, typically used as a descriptor in nautical contexts…

A Win commonly refers to a victory…

In Atlantic Canada it often blows a gale, commonly referred to as “Gale Force Winds”

Allan Dale and Gerry Carew, two Atlantic Canadians passionate about what it takes to “Win” in life and in business.

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  1. Wayne Howlett says:

    Passion is what drives the spirit. I appreciate people who have not waivered in their passionate approach to life even during the pandemic. My good friend Gerry Carew and I had many conversations back in early April as this virus shut down what we took, so much, for granted. I learned a lot this past 7 months and my view on life has changed because of it. Enjoyed your chat guys, keep the passion and continue to grow.

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